We are an apparel company based in The Hague in the Netherlands. The vision of RAINDEER was born in mid-February 2018. Since then, we have been working day and night to bring this vision to reality.
World would be insanely boring if we all looked the same. Our mission is to bring unique clothing to the market. We strongly believe that tattoos and fashion are both incredible means to express yourself.
This self-expression is vital to society. It impacts our identity and enhances our soul. It allows our personalities to shine through before we even say a word.
We strive to produce highest quality tattoo-inspired clothing with a touch of modern, European minimalism.
One of the fundamental principles of our company is social conscience. We are aware that we can’t change the world alone, but it’s good to try. We put Earth first and we aim to make our company as eco-friendly as possible. On top of offering wooden accessories and Fairtrade shoppers, our clothing is made using environment-friendly water-based ink and we reduced the use of plastic to the minimum.
The manufacturer of our fabrics has nothing to do with the issue of cheap/child labour. The Los Angeles-based company is known for its excellent working conditions and using solar energy to power its factory.
We take pride in the fact that we contribute 5% of our profits to The Hague animal shelter. Each year, Haags Dierencentrum collects around 1700 stray animals from the streets of The Hague. Essentially, by buying a t-shirt you’re buying a shelter animal a meal.